Sunday, 21 July 2019

July 2019 Favourites List

This month I’m going to tell you about Cienfuegos, a city on the Bahia de Cienfuegos (Cienfuegos Bay) on the south coast of Cuba. Founded by a wealthy family, who gave the city its name, in 1819, it is positively a youngster of a city compared to Trinidad, Havana or Santiago.

The huge central square, the Parque Jose Marti, sets the tone for the city. Open and graceful, it is almost a double square! There are two squares which combine to make the imposing rectangle of the Parque. Strolling around the square, you can’t fail to be impressed by its grandeur. There is a Casa de Cultura in the square, where locals watch live music in a hidden courtyard, drink a cold beer and meet with friends. Or Bar Palatino, almost exactly across the Parque, a traditional Cuban bar with a terrace outside to enjoy the sunshine. The square was made a national monument in 1978 and a UNESCO as a site of important Cultural Patrimony in 2005.

It's a short taxi ride down to the coast, and I found a lovely little restaurant to have a slow and lazy lunch looking over the sea. You can’t spend all of your time travelling sightseeing, walking and taking photos. It is exhausting! So lunch at Camila’s Restaurant was a welcome break. 

Cienfuegos’ 19th Century architecture is characterised by the main roads being wide boulevards, with grand villas on both sides. The houses here are painted in pastel shades, making them look very elegant. One of them has been converted into an old school Paladare (private restaurant), Las Mamparas, loved by locals for special occasions. Paladare Ache, in the side streets is a more contemporary Paladare with a beautiful garden, chunky rustic wood tables and a more modern take on Cuban food.


It’s a city which feels a little more relaxed than Havana, and has fewer tourists than Trinidad and feels a bit more like “real Cuba” than Vinales. Don’t forget to listen to some Beny More should you visit. He is Cienfuegos’ most famed musician, who could tackle many different genres of Cuban music with ease. Such was his versatility, he was given the title “El Barbero de Ritmo” or the Barbarian of Rhythm. It seems like a backhanded compliment, but it truly is not. You will find his statue on the main boulevard of town

I hope you enjoy my photos and my impressions of my trip.

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