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Aubergine, Parmigiana de Melanzane (baked aubergines) Neapolitan style by Linda Poulnott

Avocado, Salmon and avocado ceviche by Sean


Bacon, Bean and bacon soup (Italian style)

Banana Cake by Kerlern

Barley, Italian style barley salad

Beans, Bean and bacon soup  

Beans, mixed bean salad

Beans, Snig's Quick French Bean Salad

Beans, Rice and peas, by Freddie (with kidney beans)

Bellini, Cinnamon Kitchen' s lychee goji bellini

Bellini, peach

Blue Cheese pasta toss (speedy supper)

Blumenthal, Heston Heston Blumenthal's BBQ chicken (BBQ sauce recipe)

Broccoli, Pasta with Broccoli by Linda Poulnott

Brownies, Gluten free chocolate brownies by Matt 

Brussels Sprouts stir fry with Garner's spiced pickled cabbage, chestnuts and bacon

Butternut squash, butter bean and bacon soup 

Butternut squash, how to roast 

Butternut squash risotto

Butternut squash spread by Karin 

Butternut squash, Superfood salad


Cake, Banana Cake by Kerlern

Camembert, how to make baked camembert in its box

Cauliflower, Maccaflower cheese (Macaroni and Cauliflower cheese)

Chicken curry, South Indian style

Chicken, creamy chicken with cider and mushrooms 

Chicken, Jerk chicken Bahamas style by Lena

Chicken, Cheat's Vietnamese chicken noodle soup  

Chicken, Heston Blumenthal's BBQ chicken

Chick peas, Snig's chick pea salad

Ching-he Huang's beef and chilli bamboo shoots with little gem lettuce 

Chorizo stew, Spanish chorizo stew with butter beans and chick peas

Cocido stew, Slow cooker Spanish cocido

Cocktail,  Lychee Goji Bellini by Cinnamon Kitchen

Cocktail, Ruby Renaissance a red wine cocktail by Andy

Courgette and mushroom soup


Dahl, Basic, how to make

Dahl, Cheat's aruhar dahl

Dim sum: pork Wor Tip dumplings

Dumplings: pork Wor Tip dim sum dumplings


Egg, poached; Merguez red rice salad with poached egg


Fish, curry, Elish Bengali fish curry by Rupa

Fish, steamed Thai inspired steamed fish

French lentil stew a la Snigdha

French onion soup with gratinated toasts

French Salade Nicoise by Chef Franck Raymonde


Hot toddy (rum based) 


Indian, Onion bhajis

Indian, Panch Phoran spice mix

Indian, Paneer curry

Indian, Malaba prawn curry

Indian, South Indian chicken curry

Indian, Tarka dahl

Indian, Turkey tikka

Italian, Risotto con funghi misti (mixed mushrooms) by Linda

Italian, Parmigiana Melanzane by Linda

Italian, Pasta with broccoli Neapolitan style by Linda 


Laksa, Indonesian Laksa soup

Lamb, Cyrus Todiwala's lamb with chilli, garlic and cinnamon

Lamb, Marrakech lamb stew

Lamb, Toni Buxton's Youvetsi lamb stew 

Lamb, Roast saddle of lamb by Vivek Singh

Lamb, Turkish Cypriot style lamb stew with okra 

Lamb, Griddled Vietnamese style lamb in Summer rolls (for cheats)

Lamb, minced, Lovely bubbly cottage pie

Lamb, stir fry (with noodles)

Lentils, French lentil stew a la Snigdha 


Maccaflower cheese (Macaroni and Cauliflower cheese) 

Mango sticky rice Thai dessert 

Meatloaf, Pork and beef, Snigdha's marvellously manageable meatloaf

Merguez red rice salad with poached egg 

Mulled wine, in a slow cooker

Mushroom, Courgette and mushroom soup

Mushroom, Mixed mushroom risotto (risotto con funghi misti) by Linda Poulnott

Mushroom, cream, pasta: Woodland pasta


Noodles, lamb stir fry


Onion bhajis 

Onions, French onion soup with gratinated toasts 


Pakoras, vegetable pakoras

Panch phoran spice mix 

Paneer, Anjali's Sunday Paneer curry

Pasta, Aubergine and tomato (alla Norma)  

Pasta, Blue cheese pasta toss

Pasta, Carbonara

Pasta, Maccaflower cheese (pasta and cauliflower)

Pasta, Pasta with Broccoli Neapolitan style by Linda Poulnott

Pasta, Pomodorino pasta with truffle salami

Pasta, Sicilian sardine pasta, pasta con le sarde

Pasta with cream and mushrooms, Woodland pasta

Pasta salad, Orecchiette, Butter bean and Cauliflower salad

Pie, Lovely bubbly cottage pie (bubble and squeak topping)

Pork, Char siu Stir fry  

Pork, Char siu Thai style salad

Pork, Char siu wraps

Pork dim sum, Wor Tip dumplings

Pork stew, Slow cooker Spanish cocido with pork belly

Potato and salami salad

Prawn, Mallika Basu's Chingri Malai (Prawn) curry

Prawn, Malaba Prawn Curry by Dhruv Baker

Pumpkin, John Torode's pumpkin and nutmeg tart

Quinoa Salad, Snig's Quinoa Salad


Rice, Freddie's Rice and Peas 

Rice, Turkish pilaf "kebab" rice

Rice (red rice), Merguez and red rice salad with poached egg

Risotto, butternut squash risotto

Risotto, Mushroom and chicken spelt risotto

Risotto, Sweetcorn and dolcelatte risotto

Risotto, Risotto with mixed mushrooms (risotto con funghi misti) by Linda Poulnott

Roasted Vegetable salad

Rum, hot toddy


Salad, Spanish style chick pea and butter bean salad

Salad, Italian style barley salad 

Salad, Snig's chick pea salad  

Salad, mixed bean salad

Salad, Ching-he Huang's Nutty chicken cool noodle salad

Salad, Augustine Kitchen's Salade Nicoise by Chef Raymonde

Salad (pasta), Orecchiette, Butter bean and Cauliflower salad

Salad, Potato and salami salad

Salad, Roasted vegetable salad

Salad, Snigdha's superfood salad

Salad, Snigdha's superfood salad (version)

Salad, Snig's Quinoa Salad 

Salmon and Avocado Ceviche

Salmon, creme fraiche open sandwiches 

Slow cooker 101 

Souffle, pomegranate souffle by Anjum Anand

Soup, butternut squash, butterbean and bacon soup

Soup, Chicken noodle soup, Vietnamese style (for cheats)

Soup, courgette and mushroom soup

Soup, French onion soup with gratinated toasts

Soup, Prawn laksa 

Spanish, Chorizo stew

Spanish, Cocido a la Snig  

Spelt, mushroom and chicken spelt risotto

Stew, French lentil stew a la Snigdha

Stew, Marrakech lamb stew 

Sweetcorn, Sweetcorn and dolcelatte risotto 



Turkey Tikka by Cyrus Todiwala

Turkish, Kebab rice


Vegetable pakoras 

Vietnamese chicken noodle soup for cheats 

Vietnamese nuoc cham dipping sauce


Wine, Mulled wine made in the slow cooker

Woodland pasta 

Wor Tip (pork) dumplings

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