Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Ringing the changes: new 'about' page

Hello everyone!

You may have noticed that I've not posted for a little while. Sadly, things at work have gotten a little bit busy. Much as I might dream of writing full time, it isn't going to happen, and I have to work full time in my day job as a university lecturer. I do love teaching, but the job isn't all about the classroom, and it is the endless admin and marking which has kept me from my blogging.

I have recently been reading about this blogging lark, because when I started I was really quite naive about it all, and just got on with posting stuff knowing very little about what I was doing. 

One thing I realised is that the old design I had been using (white/grey writing on a black background) might look good on screen, but is a terrible pain for people to actually read. Now, I actually WANT people to read the posts that I spend a fair amount of time writing, so I realised that had to change. Hence my recent redesign, which I hope works better than the old one.

What I have also discovered is that people who read blogs like to know a little bit about the blogger. So I've sat down and thought about what people might want to know. The result:   My brand new 'about' page!

I hope you all like it. If there is anything you think I should add, or anything else you want to know, do get in touch with me. 

I hope you are all cooking and eating well! 

love to you all


  1. Hello Kavey! My new approach is never going to be as good as your redesign, but I'm glad you approve! Many many thanks!