Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Snig's Kitchen: Now on Facebook and Twitter!

Just over a year ago, I started writing this blog. I wanted to share my thoughts and ideas with my friends and family, so I expected a tiny handful of loyal readers. I also thought that my current and former students might have a passing curiosity, dipping in and out every now and then, but not having more than a transient interest. To be honest, I didn't think I'd get many readers at all. I just thought it would be great to do something creative involved in one of my interests. And it would keep me off the streets! 

So, I've been surprised and delighted to find that I've had people read this blog from all over! Blogger gives me a map showing my weekly readership, which I wish I could share with you here. Obviously, most readers are in the UK. That's where the majority of my family and friends are based. But it has been a great joy to discover that I have readers in Europe: thanks to all of you in Germany, France, Spain, Ireland and Russia! Also, I've found that I have readers from further afield in the USA, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, New Zealand, the Philippines, China, Malaysia, Mauritius, Canada, Australia and Cambodia! Phew! I'm out of breath setting out that list!

Food is something which brings us together. On its simplest level, we all have to eat. It is part of the human condition. But we humans are unique in that we can prepare our own food and can use techniques to make it more palatable, safe and digestible. We are the only animal with the ability to cook. Mostly, across the world, we share the same techniques (grilling, baking, steaming, frying, stewing). Although we give them different names culturally, we use very similar implements the world over. Perhaps the prevalence of certain products and techniques change as you travel across the world, but people's passion for good food is universal. Also it is in sharing food and food experiences with each other that we show ourselves at our best and friendliest. It is for very good reason that human bonding revolves around 'breaking bread'. 

Cheered and motivated by the wide range of nations that my readers come from, I've decided to reach out even further. So I am now running "Snig's Kitchen" pages on facebook and twitter. I hope you will join me breaking bread in a virtual way. 

You will be able to find Snig's Kitchen on Facebook: 

My twitter account is at: @snigskitchen

See you there!

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