Saturday, 18 August 2012

What you've missed on FB - A Favourites List

Hello everyone,

Hand pulling noodles from dough
One of the food blogs that I follow is the excellent "101 Cookbooks" by Heidi Swanson. Heidi started her blog when she realised she had too many cookbooks but wasn't actually cooking from them enough. I know the feeling; I'm always tempted to buy more cookbooks when actually I have enough to cook from to feed myself and Him Indoors for several years!

Heidi's blog is a 'recipe journal' and contains great dishes and superb photography. It is definitely work a visit:

But one thing I particularly like is her monthly 'Favorites List' (it's an American blog before the UK "Spelling Police" get to me, OK?). In these lists, Heidi collects together articles which interested her, film and book recommendations, and of course, recipes. 

I've been posting occasional links to things I find interesting on the Snig's Kitchen Facebook page for some time. It's done as and when I find something I like, or when I have time. Find the Facebook page at: 

However, perhaps now is a time to collect together these random recommendations so that if anyone has missed something, they don't have to dig through my timeline to find them.

After this post, I will do my best to put together monthly Favourites lists. So, Heidi, thanks for your wonderful blog, and thanks for a very useful idea!

Blogs worth reading:


Hong Kong food at its best

I unapologetically notice that I have posted a LOAD of Chinese recipes here. After my wonderful trip to China, and eating so much great food, what did you expect?

(Angela Hartnett's red wine and chorizo risotto)

Other food items:

Ship's kitchen on the Yangtze
Food thoughts on Indian Independence Day 

2nd Dishoom coming soon to Shoreditch!

Waiters and their secret codes to denote nice (and not-so-nice) customers

Let us keep our delicious seafood and stop sending it abroad!

Defending food bloggers 

The truth about MSG

Bargain Michelin starred restaurant lunches

You are what you eat?

A tale of two menus: the 'secret' insider menus in some Chinese restaurants

Food bloggers pick their fave places to eat

Cards to print to indicate dietary restrictions when in Japan

Phew! That was a lot! But that was a few month's worth. Hope you enjoy browsing over the next few weeks!

More Favourites in September!


  1. Honoured to be listed in your round up, really really kind of you, Thanks Snig!

  2. Hello Kavey,

    No problem at all. I love your blog, so I was pleased to share with others!