Wednesday, 12 June 2013

June 2013 Favourites List

We are in June already! Where has the time gone?!

I've spent a good deal of time this month, red pen in hand, marking my students' assessment work. They've done, by and large, a pretty good job. 

Marking is intensive work, demanding patience and attention. So it's easy to end up using the internet (and particularly twitter) as a distraction. Oh dear!

So here is my Favourites List for June 2013. As I have explained before, these Monthly Favourites Lists are where I put together all the things which have interested me over the course of the month.  There are always a few recipes, natch! But I also try to find helpful food pieces, often on how to cook or improve your kitchen skills. All these links have already been shared with my friends & followers on the Snig's Kitchen Facebook page (which you will find here: 

If you are a Facebook person, do like Snig's Kitchen's page so we can connect. My Facebook page is regularly updated (as often as I can manage) with all manner of food related bits and bobs I've managed to dig up from behind the sofa of the internet. The other "Favourite" things are books, films and music. To bring a little colour and fun, there are always some pictures. 

This month's pictures are from a recent trip to see the Mayan Ruins in Mexico at Tulum and Chaccoben. They are wonderfully atmospheric sites, so beautiful and awe inspiring.

Blogs worth following:

The Forest Feast, a cook who lives in woods in the Northern Californian hills:

Roaming Kitchen, by a talented young writer and Cordon Bleu qualified chef:

Indian Simmer, making Indian food simpler:

Wrightfood, a Brit's view of US food with seafood bias:


Ready in 20 mins, Thai Veggie Noodle Stir Fry:

For a sunny day, a slushie with a difference: lemon, pineapple and grapefruit vodka slush!

One pot recipes; it's the Spanish butter bean and tuna salad which appeals to me:

How to make a giant sausage roll! With video recipe!!/atthetable/giantsausageroll/

A creamy comforting stew with chicken meatballs or 'dumplings':

A quick and healthy dinner, made from Salmon an "oily" fish - Pesto salmon, soya bean and quinoa salad recipe:

I personally don't like sandwiches for lunch, so found these packed lunch ideas really cool!

The ever reliable Domestic Sluttery brings you a gluten free Mediterranean Buckwheat salad rich in vegetables and fibre. Healthy and tasty!

Only 357 calories, this is a meaty salad treat - using Lebanese or "Giant" couscous

I'm particularly interested in the Cucumber, fennel and ricotta salad (with sprouting radish seeds), but here are some lovely looking vegetable dishes:

Salad dressings with a difference:



Despicable Me


The Killing III

David Bowie - Five Years (documentary)


Daft Punk - Random Access Memories

Neil Young - Harvest

Bibio - Silver Wilkinson

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