Monday, 22 July 2013

July 2013 Favourites List

 Summer has finally arrived in grand style! Here in the UK we have been basking in a heatwave. Being British, we did the typical British thing...

Day 1: all the men remove their shirts. Day 2: same men put shirts back on to cover tender sunburn. Day 3: said sunburn begins to peel.

Women dig out wedges, find they're impossible to walk in, and switch to flip flops. 

The Summer dresses, light, bright short sleeved shirts and sunglasses brought cheer to us all at first. Now, as we swelter in temperatures reaching 30degrees C, we find we can't sleep at night and are drinking our own weight in fluids. Naturally, this means complaining that it's just 'too hot'!

Hang on, I hear you say, only a couple of months ago you were all complaining about the cold Spring and were wishing for the Summer! Er... yes. But complaining about the weather is just part of our collective consciousness. We can't help it!

There is an ongoing debate about whether men wearing shorts to work is acceptable.... These people have clearly never been to Bermuda where the eponymous shorts are even worn by lawyers at court in the hottest months!

London is looking so beautiful in the sunshine. She sparkles like a diamond in weather like this, with the Thames glittering and the landmarks glorious. All those tourists who've managed to coincide their trip with this heatwave have lucked out - "But we were told it always rains, we brought our raincoats and umbrellas and haven't needed them!"

Granted, it's like an oven on the underground, but that's a small price to pay for our capital feeling like Barcelona. 

Anyway, here is my monthly collection of things which have diverted me. Hope you like them. This month's pictures are from Cartagena in Columbia from my travels a few months ago.

Enjoy your Summer, readers!


Food history, development of recipes through the ages, cultural anthropology through food:

Blogs Worth Following:

Wonderfully informative and entertaining blog all about Indian/Bangladeshi food:

Interesting recipes and other musings on life:

Vegetables, vegetarian and vegan recipes:

Recipes, particularly baking, with a focus on special (eg gluten free) dietary requirements:

Shameless plug for previous blog posts:

I realise some of you may think it is cynical for me to suggest as my 'favourite' things some previous blog posts of mine, but wait before you pass judgement! I am only proposing my posts to raise awareness for Find Your Feet charity's Curry For Change campaign. It's a great cause helping the remotest corners of rural people of India to become self sufficient through self empowerment rather than aid. So please forgive me and have a read of the following:

Vivek Singh’s roast saddle of lamb with root vegetables and pickling sauce:

Anjum Anand’s Pomegranate soufflé with rose and raspberry cream:


NOT your School dinners overcooked, grey looking nonsense! These are Sprouts as they should be... even I am tempted!

Recipe for Mexican style rice, one to have with BBQ or grilled meat and fish, perhaps?

An adult-y weekend-y treat: Melon and Cucumber Sangria. Find it here:

Now that fennel is in season and readily available, I don't mind if I do!

Homemade toffee popcorn? I just hope I don't explode my microwave making this....

Top chef Tom Aikens' recipe for Caesar Salad. Complete with baguette recipe. I'm most interested in the chicken marinade and from-scratch dressing. I might give the baguette a miss.

I'm thinking of this roasted cauliflower dish as an alternative veg for a Sunday roast. Who's with me?

Vegetarian and vegan Quinoa and Zucchini (Courgette) curry:

Really curious about the Pomegranate molasses in this Tabbouleh recipe from Chloe Scott (as received from her Lebanese delivery chap's wife):

Carrot Halva (Helwa/ Halwa). A classic Indian and Middle Eastern pudding. Yum yum yum!

Articles/Know How:

I'm rubbish at baking. If you'd like to be better at baking, like I do, this might help!

A guide to places to eat in Soho for the terminally skint... or thrifty!

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