Thursday, 29 August 2013

Update: Catford Broadway Market and Supperclub

After hosting a Guest Post all about Catford's new foodie hotspot, Catford Broadway Market and Supperclub here at Snig's Kitchen, I received a request for more details about the other great goings on which are coming to the Nation of Catford.

You can read that original post here:

You see, Catford is a great place to live, but in the past it has felt a little unloved and neglected. It is only recently that it is being regenerated in part by the local council, by businesses coming to the area and by locals. Working together, I can already see the changes and improvements in my local area, which is great, because I love this culturally diverse and vibrant place!

When I first moved here, it had a feel of a place where people didn't stop. People moved here, lived for a while, and then moved on to somewhere else. It would be that "somewhere else" where they would put down their roots; Forest Hill, Dulwich, Blackheath. But those areas are increasingly out of reach, and I think people realising they are here to stay means they are beginning to view the area as "home" and subsequently treating it as such.

Regeneration work outside Town Hall
Resurfacing work, Catford Broadway
So, my anonymous source has brought me the following "intel" about what will be happening in the local area:

1. A Catford Cinema Club
We lost our cinema some years ago when the company running it decided it was no longer profitable. The site was then bought by a church group who have used it as a place of worship and for other activities. This has left the Borough of Lewisham without a cinema.

A Catford Cinema Club is planned, which will be launched and take place at the Catford Broadway Theatre, part of the Town Hall complex. The Theatre itself is a very lovely Art Deco building, which was extensively restored. I have actually been to see a show inside the main theatre, and it is a great environment for staging shows. I am sure it will be great for films too!

2. A Catford Food Bank
There is currently a local food bank in Forest Hill, which I have personally donated food to. However, it is not conveniently located for people in Catford who need assistance. It is sad that more and more people are finding the cost of food so difficult to cope with. 

The Catford Food Bank will be launched this Autumn at the Monthly Catford Broadway Market as a way for local people to help their fellow Catfordians.

3. The Catford Ambassador Group
Improvement in a local area are always easier to achieve with an organised and pro-active group of people within the community. Lewisham Council who run Catford Broadway Market cannot themselves run an Ambassador Group, but are keen to help local people to do so. As a result, there will be a meeting of anyone interested in being an Ambassador on 1st September at the next Catford Broadway Market. Views on future regeneration will be taken there.

The next Catford Broadway Supperclub will be run by Capo Caccia (, who I have been told will be serving the following: a platter selection with mustela and salami and coppa plus pecorino selection, pumpkin ravioli in sage, butter sauce and shaved Parmesan, squid ink lasagna with zucchini & king prawns, ending with gelato and dried ricotta. Places can be booked via

I have had a comment from a reader who said that the most recent Market was a disappointment. The organisers of the Catford Broadway Monthly Market do their best to obtain a good range of traders, but as with all things, Summer and early Autumn are often quieter than other periods of the year as people tend to take holidays then. This would explain why the August Market may have been disappointing for that particular reader, and of course, the school holidays will still be ongoing for the September date. It is hoped that more traders will be available from October onwards and that things will pick up as we get towards Christmas.

If you're a Catfordite or Rushey Greener, it would be great to hear from you! Please feel free to leave a comment or get in touch on twitter! I am @snigskitchen!



  1. Hello fellow catfordian! I do love your blog. As a fellow Japanese food lover, I wondered if you like Sapporo? It's my favourite place to eat in our neighbourhood!

    1. Dear Sally E,

      Hello to you, my fellow Catford person!

      Of course I have been to Sapporo Ichiban! I particularly love the Chirashi Jyu; oodles of sushi rice topped with nori and finely grated mooli radish - crowned with lots and lots of delicious Sashimi fish! Delicious and exceptionally good value!

      Mekan Turkish restaurant across the road from Laurence House is a big local favourite of mine!

      I think we have to get the local community to agree on what we call the denizens of Catford...

      Are we:

      Let the debate begin! ;)

      Thanks so very much for reading, Sally E and for taking the time to comment. Perhaps we might link up with some of the fellow Catfordites on twitter??

      Very best wishes

  2. I see myself as a Catfordian

    1. Dear Jox,

      Thanks for your comment! It would appear "Catfordian" does have support in the community!

      It's great to hear from someone from the Nation of Catford.

      Thanks very much for reading and for commenting.

      There will be more coming up on the blog about the local area and community!

      Warm regards

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