Monday, 28 October 2013

October 2013 Favourites List

Here we are in October. Before we know it, it will be the "big push" to Christmas. My students and I are being kept busy with work, but we're keeping our spirits up.

Last October, I listed my favourites alongside pictures of cute Halloween goodies from Konditor and Cook, Grays Inn Road. Well, this year, they've invented even more creepy delights. So I've gone back with my trusty digital camera to share the spirit of the festival.

Many of you will know that I am a music fan. I don't see as much live music as I'd like. Sometimes this is because of evening teaching, but also because I can't be doing with standing at gigs. If you're five foot one inch, the last thing you need is strapping geezers standing in front of you. So I go to places where I can get a seat. I won't start on about how hard it can be to get tickets for gigs, my other great barrier to more live music, because that would be a rant which could go on all day!

Well, this month I was blown away by one of my all time musical heroes, Johnny Marr. So much so that I felt compelled to write my first ever music review, which was published on the Flush magazine website. You can find it here:

I bring this up because Halloween is Johnny's birthday. He will be 50 years young. He's as vibrant and energetic as ever, and as you can see, looking fine. 

Happy birthday, Johnny Marr, you legend, inspiration, and genius!

Johnny Marr, Camden Roundhouse, picture by Snigdha

Blogs Worth Following:

Gluten free living, with lots of recipes:

Chef and cooking tutor shares his recipes:

Indian food blog with emphasis on the regional variations across the country:
Konditor & Cook's rotten pumpkin brain cake!


How to make Baba Ganoush, the traditional Lebanese aubergine dip:

Thrifty one pot supper dish from Tony Singh (one of the Incredible Spice Men):

Another thrifty Indian dish, this time Atul Kocchar's Sweet Potato and Chick pea curry:

Simple weeknight pasta supper, with sausage, brocolli and tomatoes:
Magic toadstool chocolate, anyone?

A lovely new way of presenting recipes - a gorgeous animation for a very pretty warm apple and beetroot salad.

Chicken Yakhni Pullao, spicy rice steamed in stock, one pot Indian/Pakistani meal:

Fascinating artefact of 1970s style, keen cook Liberace wrote a cookbook, recipes include Pierogis, Gazpacho and Beef Stroganoff! Find it here:

An attempt to recreate Leon's Kale and peanut salad:

Two Moroccan style stews, one meaty, the other vegetarian, easily made simultaneously:

Mark Hix's chilli recipes - Corn and chorizo chowder, Crab-stuffed chilli peppers, fiery truffles (hotties), blackcurrant chilli jelly:

Into juices and smoothies? Kale, peach, banana and grapes make this smoothie - Peaches And Green:

Vietnamese stir fried beef with fresh noodles (pho rice noodles), by Uyen Luu from her new book:

Thrifty Autumnal salad with lentils, spinach, feta and beetroot (pre-cooked packs are cheaper): 

Autumn/Winter pasta with bacon, chestnuts, leek and ricotta from Angela Hartnett:

Spooky grave to bury your diet in!
Articles/Know How:

Great blog post by Comfort Bites' Jo Romero comparing cupcake mix with homemade. What do you think wins?

Head Sommelier at Tate debunks some wine myths. A nice little article, but something of a shame that the Telegraph think that matters relating to wine are for men only.

Words to avoid when writing about food:

If any of you grow tomatoes and have a glut, this is how to preserve them (bottling):


Rabbit-Proof Fence

Revenge: A Love Story


Peaky Blinders


Johnny Marr - The Messenger (natch!)

Eisley - Currents

The Maccabees - Given To The Wild

Disclosure - Settle

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