Friday, 26 September 2014

September 2014 Favourites List

It's the start of a brand new academic year!

It's a thrilling, busy, hectic time of year. My new students are finding their way around the course, their Inn and dining, and settling in to life in legal London. I am meeting my students and slowly learning their names. 

This is the time of year where there really are not enough hours in the day. So I don't have the time and space to set out many thoughts and observations right now. 

I leave you with my Favourites list for the month with my apologies for not saying more. I include some of my recent thoughts for students on how to achieve their potential I created on Notegraphy (also posted to twitter and instagram). Maybe you are a student, or know someone close by who is. Student life can be unexpectedly tough, and you need a push in the right direction. Spare all my new students a kind thought as they work hard at making their legal dreams come true. 


Need a work or school lunchtime dish which is nicer and more flavourful than a cardboard sarnie? Here it is - chilli prawn and pasta salad:

Sichuan style marinaded steak with asian style cabbage salad:

Atul Kocchar's Malay Rojak, a street food classic:

Energy boosting oven baked blueberry muesli bars. Sounds like a lovely breakfast idea!

Busted! Yotam Ottolenghi admits he loves instant noodles! Recipes for ramen, stir fried noodles and Korean sweet potato noodles:

Poaching is healthy, as it is low on fat. Here's a recipe for a whole chicken with soy sauce from Tash:

Yummy pakoras in coconut kadhi, fab veggie VIDEO recipe by Deena Kakaya for Find Your Feet's Curry for change fundraising campaign:

Articles/Know How:

Brazilian ingredients and recipes:

Think you need loads of fancy ingredients for home cooking? No way. All you need are 3 hero ingredients:


Danny Wallace - Charlotte Street


The Grand Budapest Hotel

Sympathy For Mr Vengeance 



Kate Tempest - Everybody Down

Easy Star All Stars - Dub Side Of The Moon

Lee Perry & The Upsetters - Super Ape

Kelis - Food
Please note: as with every monthly Favourites List, all of these items have been selected by me simply because I love them. I do not receive any money, benefits in kind or other incentive for posting these links or recommendations.

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