Monday, 24 October 2016

October 2016 Favourites List

This month's pictures are from Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo. Spread over several streets in the Ginza area, it is a fun places to wander around, nibbling, taking in the sights and people watching. Stalls selling super fresh fish, sushi, blowtorch grilled seafood, miso, snacks and drinks are all around. Locals go about their regular shop, buying fish, seafood and other items for their evening meal. Tourists and groups of friends stop off for a spot of lunch. It is bustling and vibrant. 

Kitty dreams of sushi....

Many people wake up super early to catch the famous tuna auction at 5AM. I’m afraid that after the long journey and considerable trouble adjusting to the time difference, such an early start was not possible for me. I’m not a brilliant morning person at the best of times. So I hope you will forgive me for not having any pictures of beautiful, sleek silver tuna being sold to eager bidders in a frenzy of activity. 

The current market is due to be closed down and moved next year, sadly. It was good to have had the opportunity to experience the Tsukiji market in its current form. It will be relegated to memory all too soon. A little piece of Tokyo history will be lost. 


What we in the UK call a "tray bake" is called a "sheet pan supper" in the US. To-mayto, to-mahto. Here is a chicken and cabbage recipe which is a simple and efficient dinner time dish.

Love kale? Love chapatis? Deena Kakaya has a cool vegetarian recipe for Kale Chapatis:

Watch out! Nippy little trucks whizz around at speed around the market

Crispy little fried Namak (or Nimkin), perfect with a cup of tea! NB - Sooji is semolina flour, ghee is clarified butter, Ajwain is carrom seed; all available from an Indian grocer.

Simple supper dish for Autumnal evenings, easy enough for me to rustle up after work!

I'd prefer to use some boned chicken thighs. With skin on for an indulgent meal, without if I'm wanting it lean. But the spicing and flavours look great! Sumac roast cauliflower and chicken salad with mint yogurt:

Not sure what to have with your sushi?

Kashmiri style roast lamb shank with pistachios and almonds. Overnight marinading required.

Here are Guardian readers' top student recipes. The salmon noodle dish is a winner. I wonder if the Bourdain tomato soup spaghetti is a soon to become post hangover classic for Sunday mornings...

Crispy pancetta, thyme and chestnut pappardelle, ready in just 20 minutes:

Sweetcorn is still in season. Here's a simple supper recipe which can be reduced or increased easily depending on how many you are feeding. I recommend you use fresh sweetcorn rather than tinned. Take whole cobs of corn, shear off the niblets carefully with a sharp knife, boil for 7 minutes until tender.

Hawksmoor's Macaroni Cheese recipe, according to Olive Magazine, is a "best ever" student recipe. But with its three cheese indulgent white sauce, could it be too good for students alone?

Articles/Know How:

Originally brought to my attention by Kavey Eat's author Kavita, this is information worth knowing. Obviously, trying to get your essential vitamins and minerals through your diet is best.

The “Iron good luck Fish” – an ingenious way to help the poor in Cambodia avoid anaemia.

A food blog post about fasting? Like, literally starving yourself? Aaron Vallance considers religious fasting in a fascinating philosophical blog post:

A wonderful quote about travel and life by Maya Angelou:

What you might have missed at Snig's Kitchen:

Utsunomiya is dumpling heaven. Come with me on a journey to Gyoza nirvana!

Masterchef 2012 winner Chef Shelina Permalloo is working with Chef Shiran Fonseca to create an Island Fusion menu inspired by her native Mauritius.
My other writing:

All about Post Referendum Racism and Bullying in the workplace. A consideration of discrimination law and good industrial relations practice.  

Not food. But my recent writing on post-referendum racism and bullying in the workplace has been picked up in Germany.


Agnes Obel – Philharmonics
Agnes Obel – Aventine
Grimes – Art Angels
Stacey Kent - Tenderly

Please note: as with every monthly Favourites List, all of these items have been selected by me simply because I love them. I do not receive any money, benefits in kind or other incentive for posting these links or recommendations.


  1. So glad you were able to see it here before it moves, who knows whether the new market will be as fascinating or not. Lovely photos!

    1. Hello Kavey,
      Thank YOU in the first place for telling me all about the fish market! Would never have gone without your excellent advice.
      Who knows what the shape of the new market will be. Perhaps one day we will find out, as I feel with Japan one trip is not enough.
      Thank you for reading and for taking the time to comment!
      with love