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June 2017 Favourites List

This month I want to share my pictures from the Kraftwerk 3D gig (at the Royal Albert Hall) I went to very recently. The show was immensely enjoyable. Kraftwerk embody some classic contradictions; cold, hard synthesiser sounds playing catchy, tuneful melodies; presenting the band as “robots” or a “man machine” when they are clearing, living, breathing, creative human beings. Only one member of the original line up remains, but still, the chance to see this talented and unique band could not be missed!

Their show featured music from throughout their career, one which has been hugely influential. David Bowie became obsessed with Kraftwerk, their Autobahn album in particular during his “Berlin phase”. Coldplay borrowed heavily from Computer Love (from Computer World) for their ridiculously catchy hit single “Talk” (from X & Y). Not to mention the many synth bands of the 80s who soaked up the sounds, rhythms and obsession with the future which Kraftwerk made central to their act.

Kraftwerk played their number one hit single “The Model”, the only full song with lyrics. Their set list included many of my other favourites “Numbers”, “Computer Love”, “Tour De France”, “Autobahn”, “The Man Machine”, “Computer World”. The 3D visuals were striking, and whilst not as perfectly executed as a cinema 3D experience, still achieved a depth. The use of colour and imagery made them a highly effective fifth member of the live band. 

This month I have been immersing myself in music. This weekend I intend to continue to gorge myself on Glastonbury live sets, having thoroughly enjoyed the Radiohead show from last night. Their career spanning set was played with conviction and style, proving they are still at the height of their powers. Twenty years on, OK Computer is still an amazing, groundbreaking album, which has pulled me towards my other favourite album of theirs, In Rainbows. (Don’t worry, there are many of their other albums I enjoy, it is simply those are my two favourites if I have to be pushed.)

I do realise this is a reaction to the bad news in the UK recently. Manchester, Westminster, London Bridge, Grenfell Tower and Finsbury Park are devastating events. After reading and listening to the news, I need somewhere to seek solace. Am I merely fiddling whilst Rome is burning? No. I’m not in charge. I do what I can. I remain very aware of what is happening around me. It is just my way of making it through these times. If you have been affected by these events, my heart goes out to you. Too many people have suffered, it is heartbreaking.

Food articles and food writing:

Aaron Vallance writes poignantly about how Borough Market, London foodie paradise, stands strong (in the aftermath of the London terror attack):

Hate food waste? How about regrowing your knackered fruit?
An international look at street food:
There are 5 "Blue zones" where the highest percentage of people live to 100. They eat beans, greens, nuts and seeds (among other things) in their diet. Is it the secret to long life?
Love to grow your own? Here's what to plant in June!
Genius or madness? Guy gets a drone to pick up his fast food... Seriously - does this mean people won't even pop out to pick up their fried chicken?
Which garden flowers can you eat? Ideas and inspiration from the Royal Horticultural Society. (Please - if in doubt about identification, do not eat garden plants! Some are toxic!)

New Scientist debunks cooking myths. I am rather amazed to discover risotto doesn't actually need constant stirring!


A Bengali style bowl of comfort food from Rinku Bhattacharya. A great recipe and a heartwarming read:

12th June was World Meat Free Day. So here is a vegetarian, vegan salad inspired by M&S by Petra Kravos:

10th June was World Gin Day. So, however you like yours, enjoy! Here are some gin recipe ideas in case you're looking for something new:

Anyone considering their weekend baking options? May I suggest Rose and lychee cupcakes?

The Korean classic Bulgogi reimagined into a weekday supper dish:…/meat-and…/steak-bulgogi-bowl/

How to pep up a potato salad. Especially since it is Jersey Royal season!

What you might have missed at Snig’s Kitchen:

Cheating at cooking is OK. Cheater’s Chicken Satay.


Kraftwerk – Autobanh

Kraftwerk – Computer Love

Radiohead – OK Computer

The xx – I See You

Please note: as with every monthly Favourites List, all of these items have been selected by me simply because I love them. I do not receive any money, benefits in kind or other incentive for posting these links or recommendations.

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