Friday, 22 March 2013

Favourites List - March 2013

If you live in the UK, it has been difficult to be enthusiastic about anything this March. We've had Siberian winds and low temperatures, and not much sign of a change of season. Spring, it would appear, has been delayed in the post. The clocks won't be put an hour forward until the very end of the month, so we are still in 'Winter' time. Add to that the state of the economy and the worry many people have for their futures, it's been pretty grim all round.

So I've not really come out of Winter mode. I've been wearing my duck down coat more than any other this month. I've been wearing boots, often with 2 pairs of socks underneath. I've really wanted to dig out my pretty pumps and ring the changes, but it's just too cold! I'm not losing all feeling in my toes for the sake of style. And so far the fashion police have not come a-calling with an arrest warrant with my name on it. Phew!

Likewise, I've not come out of Winter mode with the food I've been eating, cooking or reading about. It's all been about the comforting stuff; the hearty, warming, sustaining dishes. The oven has been commissioned frequently for making stews and casseroles. The hob has been working on creamy risottos. 

I'm hoping that the Post Office or FedEx or whoever has the contract to deliver the Great British Spring will get round to doing it soon. And when they do, I'll happily sign for it, and pay any surcharge, if the correct postage was not paid in the first place. But please, call when I'm in the house. And if I'm in the house, not when I'm having my shower. 

When that Spring package arrives, I'll unwrap it, putting all the packaging dutifully in the recycling, and make sure I share it with everyone. 

I look forward to April, when I hope I will be feeling and sharing the joys of Spring with you. 

This month, my pictures to accompany this post are of the Dambulla Cave Temples in the Cultural Triangle of Sri Lanka. They were unbelievably beautiful, even on a day where it poured with rain. 

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